This is me, Karen. Wife, mother, grandmother, dog rescuer, cat lover and photographer. I live on the Wirral, not IN but ON as those in the know say and i have been using photography as my emotional crutch for about 12 years. My beloved husband Chris (a poet and screenwritter) and I would go off one day a week while our three children where at school and my Mum was at university.                  The sense of relief, of freedom we would have as we climbed into our car and drove to where ever interested me was enormous. When my Mum was diagnosed with cancer and I became her full time carer it became even more important for me to escape and photography has helped with that. 
Sadly my Mum is gone now but photography is still with me and I am currently experimenting with film. A couple of years ago I bought two vintage Polaroid cameras at the Photography Show in Birmingham and I have fallen in love with Polaroid film.                                                                        What do i love? All things creative, hot summer days, walking my dogs on the beach, quiet nights in with Chris, my children and grandbabies and the freedom I find when im out taking photographs of places I love.                                                                                                                                     
I love winning awards and exhibiting my work and I am very proud of the image that was shown during the See.Me exhibition in Times Square New York in 2012 where my photograph was seen up on the huge billboards there. In 2022 a photograph of the Lonely Tree in Llanberis was shortlisted in the VAA Professional; Artists award which I am very proud of.                                                                                                                   

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